All the colour

Oh wow, it's dreich outside. Cold, wet, windy and worst of all, dark. Hard to find creative inspiration, but, as I sit staring out into the cold dark weather, it's made me think back to my recent trip to Marrakech. I was so inspired by all the colours, in all their sunny bright gorgeousness. It's a beauty shoot waiting to happen.

Pots of bright, flaming pigments displayed in the markets, strings and strings of brightly coloured wool drying in the sun and shops selling every colour of opulent jewels and trinkets imaginable. Patterned textiles and mosaics everywhere I looked, sat and stepped. Ever since then I've been dying to do a bright, deconstructed colourful beauty shoot, using paints and highly pigmented powders on models.

All these beautiful images were taken by my awesome buddy Solen Collet. Check out her website, she's super talented.