Beauty that won't break the bank

A question I'm asked a lot is whether you need to pay for more expensive brands to get the best makeup products. The answer, simply, is no! There are thousands of amazing and affordable products that give the luxury brands a run for their money. Here are my top 10 for under a tenner.

1. Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation (£9.99). This is by far one of the best foundations I have ever used. It more than stands its ground against Chanel, MAC and Armani foundations. It's perfect for a light to medium coverage and is buildable, so if you need a bit more coverage in certain areas you can add a little more. This will leave you with a super healthy and glowing complexion.

2. Kiko Long Lasting Stick Shadows (£6.90). These are an absolute staple in my kit. They come in an amazing variety of colours and blend amazingly well. Use them as a base colour and add shadow or use them on their own. They will last all day!

3. Nivea Soft moisturiser (£2.45). I use this day and night. It has just the right consistency, absorbs quickly and works well under makeup. If you have dry skin mix a little bit with your foundation to make a quick and gorgeous tinted moisturiser. I also like to add a drop or two of DoTerra lavender oil to it when I apply it in the evenings.

4. Sleek eyeshadow pallettes (7.99). In the last couple of years every makeup artist I know has been slipping these pallettes into their kit. Rumour has it that they're actually made by Nars, so you know you're on to a good thing!

5. Rimmel super curler mascara (£6.99). Most luxury makeup brands make a great mascara but I'm yet to find one that isn't equal to or better than ones made by Rimmel or Maybelline.

6. Topshop waterproof kohl liner (£5). One of the best kohl liners I've ever come across. Its waterproof formula means it's perfect for lining your waterline. I've used their regular kohl liner but I wasn't too impressed with it. This one though is amazing.

7. Topshop cream blush (£7). Wow! These guys are amazing. If you're looking for a glowing healthy complexion then this is the product for you. I can't live without them. Apply them with your fingers or a duo-fibre brush. Warning - you might get a lot of compliments when you wear this.

8. Collection cream puff lip colour (£2.99) This is hands down one of the best lip products on the market. I absolutely love these creamy little tubes of lip colour. They go on wet and quickly dry to a matte finish that lasts ages. My only complaint is that they only come in a few shades.

9. Rimmel lasting finish by Kate Moss shade 1 (£5.49) A great red lipstick that suits most skin shades. Wear it on a night out for a glamorous look, or dab it on gently with your fingers for a more subtle stained lip look during the day.

10. Real Techniques brush sets (£21.99). Okay, so not strictly under a tenner, but these are well worth spending £20 on. One thing you should definately invest in is makeup brushes, but that doesn't mean you need to break the bank on them. These are high quality, give an excellent pay of and are a bargain. The buffing brush in the core collection is one of the best brushes I've ever come across.